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Insurance policies are popular workplace benefits that many employers choose to offer to their employees. They are popular because they offer large payments in emergency situations in return for relatively low ongoing costs. They can also help to mitigate the risks associated with unusually dangerous jobs, which can make those jobs more appealing to potential employees. Many different types of insurance are offered as a workplace benefit.

Long-term care insurance is especially popular, because a large fraction of the workforce will eventually need long-term care as a result of either an injury or simple aging. Long-term care is very expensive, which makes this type of insurance one of the most popular work benefits among employees. It can pay for the expensive associated with long-term care, and depending on the policy it can pay for nursing homes, assisted living, home care, or a number of similar services. Most people who need these services have trouble living without them, and having long-term care insurance ensures that the patient does not become a burden on their loved ones.

Disability insurance protects the finances of those who become medically unable to work. This makes it particularly appealing to people who are likely to be injured at work. It offers payments, either ongoing or as a lump sum, to people who are removed from the workforce due to an illness or injury. The policies can be customized to pay for certain types of injuries or to pay their benefits over different periods. This type ensures that people who can barely work do not have to do so to avoid financial trouble, which benefits both the employee and their employer.

Accident insurance pays its benefits if the policy holder dies or is injured in an accident. It is most popular with people who work in dangerous professions who want to know that their families will be cared for if they die. It can be customized to pay its benefits only in the event of certain types of accident or during certain times. Accident insurance is useful primarily because it can help support a family after a relative's sudden death or injury, so it is very appealing to potential employees for dangerous lines of work.

Many employers provide their employees with critical illness insurance. These policies pay their benefits if the policy holder is diagnosed with a certain disease, such as cancer or kidney failure. They are highly variable because the policy can be customized to cover a wide variety of different diseases. Many of these diseases are very expensive to treat but also reasonably rare, so this type of insurance can offer protection in a major emergency at a fairly low price.

Finally, universal life insurance is also a popular workplace benefit. It is a special type of life insurance where the value of the policy can be increased by paying money over the cost of the premium. The policy earns interest on any money paid in that way. Once the policy holder dies, their next of kin is given the full value of the policy. It is an especially useful type of life insurance because the value of the policy can be raised over time, which allows for relatively small payments to build up to a high value over the years.

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